Virtual Network of Experts

Terms of Reference – Background:

           As proposed by the SLGO Board of Directors and accepted by the active member organizations, a virtual network of experts (RVEs) was formed from the start of SLGO operations.

           The diagram below illustrates the position of the EVR in terms of the organizational structure of the OGSL Corporation and that of an active member organization. Functional links (dotted line) represent the areas where the various components of these two structures have to participate and interact. The involvement of the RVE is at the operational level and results in the participation of experts in the realization of collaborative dissemination projects entrusted to the SLGO.

           The principles and values ​​underlying the EVR activities reflect those defined in the 2007-11 SLGO Business Plan1:

  • Shared governance
  • Respect for skills and intellectual property
  • The use of standards according to the rules of the art in terms of diffusion and security
  • Networking and collaboration between parties.

Activities and fields of intervention:

          The expertise of the RVE is used in collaborative projects submitted to the SLGO, recommended by the Scientific Advisory Committee (CAS) and accepted by the Board of Directors (CA) of the SLGO. The members of the RVE then act as data experts in their respective business areas or experts in information technology and computer system development and contribute to the realization of these projects.

          On an ongoing basis, members of the EVN share information, share tools and best practices, and discuss a variety of topics and issues related to information technology and data including:

  • Data base
  • Archiving of data
  • Recognized standards for metadata and general data documentation
  • Data security
  • Network infrastructure
  • Data discovery and exchange tools
  • Data Management Policy
  • Free software

          Where necessary and relevant, the EVR may make recommendations to the SLGO Branch on these matters.


          The virtual network of experts is composed of at least two (2) technical representatives, respectively computer expert / programmer-analyst and expert in data management / database administration, from each of the active member organizations SLGO. These representatives are the official contact points of their organization and act as operational liaisons with the SLGO.

          Each designated representative must know the priorities, objectives and clientele of their organization.

           He / she must know the SLGO’s mission and the areas of interest of the community of its members in order to collaborate effectively on the projects.

           The SLGO Executive Director may participate in the EVS meetings as needed.

           The list of members is presented in the Appendix.


  •           Through the Director General, the RVE is informed at the beginning of the year of the projects accepted by the SLGO Board of Directors and the strategic orientations for Internet dissemination
  •            Internally within an active member organization, the members of the EVC are kept informed on a regular basis of the SLGO’s planning and the various issues by their respective representatives participating in the Scientific Advisory Committee (internal communication)
  •           The RVE is the link facilitating technical exchanges with the SLGO development team (operational liaison);
  • On an ongoing basis, the RVE can use a virtual workspace (eg GoogleDocs or other) to exchange documents and / or organize teleconferences (eg Webinar or other) for group discussions on specific topics. These tools allow the documentation of interactions and the reuse of information
  • The RVE can meet (conference call, video conference, face-to-face meeting) as needed, for example during the start-up phase of projects or to discuss a specific topic.

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