Red Dead Redemption 2

Everyone who plays Red Dead Redemption 2 tells you: the game is full of details. And its relatively slow pace has been thought to bring them to light.
When you stop to clean your gun, you notice mud under Arthur’s fingernails. When you walk in the mud or the snow, your horse leaves traces that correspond to his size and his gait. And the weather is dynamic: you can have a storm one day and a thunderstorm the next.

1. Animals hunt each other
The game has its own ecosystem. And although Arthur may be the alpha predator, if you take the time to watch the animals before (or instead of) skinning them, you might see a cougar kill a deer, for example. Or an alligator to pay himself a boar. And you may even have the chance to witness a fight to the death between a grizzly bear and a pack of wolves.

2. Houses and railways are built as the game progresses
At the beginning of the game, you will see scaffolding attached to houses or half-finished rails. Iron from time to time, and you will see workers gradually completing them.

3. You can be struck by lightning
The flashes of the game are not there (only) to look pretty. They can also murder you. It is rare, but if you hesitate between crossing a plain under the storm or take refuge somewhere, know that the first option is risky.

4. Arthur’s diary shows his arty side
Arthur keeps a diary, in which he frequently records key elements of the plot or news about new places discovered.
As the game progresses, he ends up viewing his status as an outlaw as inevitable. He grew up killing, flying or roping with the gang, and will die while continuing to do so. But his diary reveals a more sensitive side. Even more artistic, as evidenced by his many sketches. Could Arthur have been a good guy?

5. A wink to a well-known character from the first game
South of Flatneck Station, a corpse is crossed with a letter beside it. She goes to Bonnie MacFarlane and says, “I’m going to make a fortune, when I come back I’ll be rich, you’ll see how good I’ll be as a husband and a good father.”
Bonnie MacFarlane is the owner of the ranch that saves the life of John Marston in the first game. And this charming little mail tells us why she runs the farm alone.

6. There are 300,000 individual animations
The figure is believable for anyone who has ever played. For example, Arthur has several ways to ride on his horse, depending on his angle of approach to his speed.

7. Shop catalogs have unique texts
The big catalogs of shopping that are found in the shops of the game do more than display the different items you can buy. They also come with advertising texts that detail their manufacture and answer questions that customers may ask. All that could have boiled down to a simple buy / sell interface, but the game would have missed out on another way to improve its immersion.

8. The blood does not go away
If you carry a bloody animal on your shoulder, it will twinkle. Same for the horse’s back if you put the carcass on it, by the way. And of course, if you eat a sheaf of blood on the shirt during a fight, the blood will dry and stay on. So take a swim quickly – or jump into the river – if you do not want to endure the nasty comments of the NPCs you meet.

9. Possums make the dead
If you chase opossums, they will roll to the side to make it upside down. Behind, you’ll have the choice between skinning them or just picking them up. But if you opt for the second option, they will get up and run away.
10. NPC masks fall quickly
Many people in the cities of the game are doing pretty good things if you stay close to them after talking to them. You will see, for example, that the blind beggar who asked you for money is a crook who, in fact, sees perfectly well.
During a secondary mission, you take a man with an arm problem to the doctor. Who decides to amputate and asks you to leave the room. But you do not have to do it. If you stay, you will see an old school amputation perfectly restored.

11. NPCs remember the blows you give them
If you brutalize traders, they will remember. By entering their store afterwards, they will fall on you will get angry (but do not worry, it will not stop them from doing business with you.) They will even bear the stigma of your previous encounters, such as dressings or black eyes.

12. Passers do not like people in a hurry
Yes, you can get into trouble or just hear people swear by sprinting in the streets and / or returning to those who have the misfortune to be in your way. But take a second in their place: it would not annoy you, you?
13. Arthur hates mirrors
If you sleep in an inn, your room will have a mirror. And if you look in, Arthur will make a comment – often derogatory – about his physical appearance.

14. Arthur can be beaten by his own gang
When you return to the camp, you have two options: to send as much as you can to the people who protect and rely on you, or to make fun of their age, appearance, or lifestyle choices.
Generally, gang members will resist provoc and go their way. But once in a while, you’ll eat a right and the entire camp will try to stop the fight. Sometimes you will even be knocked out and wake up outside the camp. On returning, Dutch will explain how important it is not to behave like a bastard.
15. Dead animals decompose
In most games, the carcasses disappear quite quickly. But obviously not in Red Dead Redemption 2. And if the police are responsible for evacuating human bodies, nobody cares for those dead animals. You will have plenty of time to see them decompose until there are only bones left.
16. Characters resume interrupted conversations
The long horseback rides in nature allow Rockstar to place all of its contextual dialogs in order to occupy the mind while riding. And if, for one reason or another (like a crash against a tree), one of the conversations is abruptly interrupted, the characters will resume it in the wake, stating “Well, then, as I said …” A little attention that allows you not to miss a key element of the plot because of a too aggressive sequoia.

17. You can re-capture criminals to make money
During your travels, you may find a prisoner on the run who will ask you to shoot on his chains. If you do, he will tell you the address of a house to rob. On the other hand, if you feel the soul of a vigilante, you can tie him up and bring him to the nearest sheriff. Who will be happy to reward you in hard currency.

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