BitCoin in Today’s World

Bitcoin was the first, now there would be LEOcoin … wahoo that sentence throws!

You will certainly hear it because LEOcoin arrives at full gallop in France and begins to invade my mailbox and Facebook news.

There is good and much less good with this MLM, and we will discuss it now.

Just before reading more … if you feel that your list of prospects is running out at high speed, then you risk big because:

LEOcoin who are you and where do you come from?

LEOcoin is based in the UK and is present in 9 other countries: China, Germany, Philippines, India, Egypt, Canada, Dubai, Turkey and Hong Kong.

Although LEO (Learning Enterprises Organization) exists since 2012 under a concept of online training, the LEOcoin cryptocurrency appeared on March 25, 2015 .

It’s quite a bit of noise on search engines in English, then nothing on that side …

Now the wave LEOcoin seems to sweep over France. We will see more closely what to expect.

Dan Andersson, the director of LEO coin Dan Andersson

Dan Andersson, one of the two founders of LEOcoin, proudly announces that his cryptocurrency is more accessible and easier to use than Bitcoin.

Dan Andersson also claims that he has already built a relationship with several thousand companies thanks to his initial LEO (eLearning MLM) concept, which had been in existence since 2012.

And this platform seems abandoned. Everything appears in “test product”. When we click on it, we arrive on rather “strange” products then by clicking on “how to buy”, we are sent back to “contact us” …

The legal side of LEOcoin

To spread their concepts, LEO uses the MLM. They have thus been approved by the DSA (Direct Sale Association) of England and Canada. They would be in process of validation for the American DSA, Australian and Philippines.

This allows the company to work internationally and legally.

How to make money with LEO coin:

His 4-point compensation plan is rather generous and innovative (you’ll see it in the 4th point).

10% commissions on the purchase of LEO packs from your direct partners.

10% on the binary (you touch the commissions on the weak paw)

Up to 30% commissions on your 10 levels of depth

Up to 25% commissions on the 7 levels above you. Yes … you earn commissions on your uplines!

To start, you have 4 types of packs:

Bronze (160 euros)  : 80 LEOcoin. Maximum gain: £ 500 per week.

Silver (640 euros)  : 320 LEOcoin. Maximum gain: £ 2,000 per week. From the Silver pack, you get the bonus on your uplines.

Gold (1600 euros)  : 80 LEOcoin. Maximum profit: £ 5,000 per week.

Platinum (4800 euros)  : 80 LEOcoin. Maximum profit: £ 15,000 per week.

My feelings and my opinion on LEOcoin

As I said in the introduction, there is good and bad with this MLM concept.

Let’s start with the least good:

LEOcoin seems to almost no longer talk about him abroad (I mean outside Francophone countries).

Their trading platform (with the thousands of partner companies) seems completely empty and abandoned.

The positive at LEOcoin:

They are really recognized by the DSA England (and apparently that of Canada).

Their compensation plan is really well built.

They evolve on a lot of projects including eLearning, online travel, real estate investment, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding.

LEOcoin appears on various platforms of public exchange.

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